Getting an accurate quote for professional carpet cleaning

It's important to get the most accurate estimate prior to the professional carpet cleaner arriving at your house. By asking the following 4 questions, you can be sure of getting an accurate quote and avoid nasty surprises in the end.

How many rooms do you want cleaned?

Majority of carpet cleaning services have an average per room rate. Some operators charge a flight of stairs as a room or a standard fee per stair. Hallways and landings may also be charged as a room.

You will be surprised at the number of customers who forget to mention the number of rooms they want cleaned. Decide early in advance which rooms you want cleaned and inform the operator.

What's the size of rooms to be cleaned?

Generally, carpet cleaners charge in different ways. Some charge based on the number of square meters while others charge by the room based on a specific base size. Therefore, if your rooms are larger than a given base size, some extra charges may be added to your estimate. As such, it's good to know the size of rooms you want cleaned in advance. The reason why carpet cleaners charge extra is for the extra time needed to perform the cleaning job and the cost of the cleaning supplies that will be required to clean the larger space.

Do you also want to have your rugs cleaned?

Many people hardly remember their rugs when getting a carpet cleaning quote, and it's only when the operator arrives and asks them whether they want them cleaned that they remember. It doesn't make sense to have your carpets cleaned and your rugs left with dirt. Operators charge a standard fee per rug or square foot. Therefore, tell your operator the number of rugs you wish to be cleaned and their respective sizes.

How soiled are your carpets?

Is your carpet very stained? You should pass on this information to the operator given that the carpet cleaner may need to use extra cleaning chemicals in order to get rid of the markings. The technician may spray your carpet as part of pre-treatment in addition to the use of specialised cleaning solutions on particular types of stains. Additionally, inform the operator the cause of the stain. This is particularly important for pet urine stains because their removal may be rather difficult and may add to your cost estimate.

If you can consider these 4 points above and ask the carpet cleaning company about them, you can be sure of getting a much more precise cost estimate for carpet cleaning services. For more information, contact local professionals like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning.